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BBC1 (UK) showing: Christmas Day – Dec 25 6:15PM – Doctor Who: Last Christmas
BBC America showing: Christmas Day – Dec 25 9:00PM – Doctor Who: Last Christmas
Merry Christmas to ALL the Good WHOvians! All bad WHOvians get exterminated by Davros and his creations.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Due to poor tickets sales, Internet Scooge’s, and Jacksonville’s lack of support we have to cancel       the Doctor Who Event that was moved to January 2nd-4th 2015. Everyone that paid for the original October 2014 show   (and could NOT make Jan 2015) have been refunded and anyone that held onto their tickets with the January 2015 re-scheduling will be refunded as well.
Another party is interested in running a show in Jacksonville and we wish that group much luck. All of our ticket sales information and all those good WHO Fans, Dealers/Artists, and Volunteers that were interested (via emails & Facebook posts, etc), your contact information (FB names or email address) has been forwarded for future contact by that group.
Our group, The Doctor Who Event, will not continue to runs shows. Thank you and enjoy the TV show this Friday. Future show enquiries are not to be made here, we are not interested in having live events. 12/25/2014


Happy 51st Birthday Doctor Who ! Celebrate today by watching “An Unearthly Child” the very first Doctor Who TV episode. Enjoy ! 11/23/14



August 15th-17th 2014

The 10th Doctor’s TARDIS, the 11th Doctor’s TARDIS, and John Hurt’s “WAR Doctor” TARDIS will appear in Bridgeport, Connecticut at the Connecticut ComiCONN Please visit the website of http://www.comiconn.com/

This is the first Northeast appearance of the “Day Of The Doctor” War Doctor’s TARDIS!



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